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Spa Removal and Relocation

If you've recently acquired a spa or are contemplating relocating yours, and you are in or south of Timaru, look no further than Clyde HIAB. Our dedicated team of efficient drivers, armed with top-notch cranes, is the go-to solution for all your spa lifting and shifting needs. 

With our expertise you can swiftly transition from the hassle of spa relocation to the blissful experience of unwinding in your rejuvenating oasis.  

Whether it's navigating over fences, moving from the front to the back of your property, or reaching a tricky nook on a deck, we've got you covered.  

Make contact with Clyde HIAB today and let us turn your spa relocation dreams into a reality. 

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Paula Moore says...

"We hired Clyde HIAB to do some heavy lifting with a decent sized hut on our property. The driver was efficient, confident and knew what he was doing. Our hut got repositioned in no time. Thanks Clyde HIAB, you are fabulous!"

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St Gerards School says...

Thanks Clyde HIAB for delivering our new play hut - we love it. You guys are awesome. 

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Tim Garden says...

Clyde HIAB was quick to get the job done, easy to deal with and had a great crew and boss. 

It was a hard job made easy, building a rock wall with the HIAB which reached over a house. They were very easy to deal with. Turns up, job done. Very happy client. 

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