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Metro Transport

Here at Clyde HIAB, we are committed to handling a wide range of transportation needs, both big and small, and we specialise in all aspects of Metro Transport from Timaru south.  

Whether you have a significant logistical challenge in a large city in or around the Central Otago region or need assistance with transportation solutions in a smaller town centre, we've got you covered. 

Our dedicated team is equipped to tackle various tasks within urban environments, ensuring that your cargo, equipment, or goods are efficiently and safely transported to their destinations. We understand the intricacies of navigating congested streets, power poles, coordinating deliveries, and managing the unique challenges of Metro Transport. 

With Clyde HIAB, you can trust that we have the expertise and equipment to handle the demands of city and town centres, providing you with a reliable and professional transportation service for all your needs, no matter the scale or complexity. 

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Paula Moore says...

"We hired Clyde HIAB to do some heavy lifting with a decent sized hut on our property. The driver was efficient, confident and knew what he was doing. Our hut got repositioned in no time. Thanks Clyde HIAB, you are fabulous!"

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St Gerards School says...

"Thanks Clyde HIAB for delivering our new play hut - we love it. You guys are awesome."

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Tim Garden says...

Clyde HIAB was quick to get the job done, easy to deal with and had a great crew and boss. 

It was a hard job made easy, building a rock wall with the HIAB which reached over a house. They were very easy to deal with. Turns up, job done. Very happy client. 

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